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Drinking = good. Fat = bad.

Get Drunk Not Fat is a site that lists and ranks alcohol based on amount of included alcohol % versus calorie content. We have worked directly with beer, wine and liquor manufacturers to bring you the most accurate calorie and carbohydrate information.

Look, we all know that drinking heavily is bad for you but since that hasn’t stopped anyone from doing it, at least you can be aware of the ramifications of doing so. (Also, if you’re trying to get your date smashed off that new 55 calorie beer, you better grab a 20 pack.)

We are not doctors and are not recommending that any type of drinking is healthy or a part of a balanced diet. We also realize that the list is not complete. (Hey, we’re humans, not encyclopedias.) If you have information that you think we should have, please send it to us using the “Submit Alcohol” form.

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Question: How is the Calories from Alcohol determined? What is Calorie to Alcohol Ratio?
Answer: Calories from Alcohol is derived by taking a beverage’s Alcohol by Volume (ABV%) multiplied by the ratio of calories in pure ethanol vs. calories in that beverage.
For instance a 12 oz Budweiser contains 145 calories and contains 5.0% alcohol. If you multiply 0.05 x 1905.733 (calorie in 12oz pure ethanol) / 145 (calories in Budweiser) = 65.71%. The remaining 34.29% of calories are from carbs and protein in the beer.
Let’s look at another example of Bacardi 151. ABV is 75.5% and calories per 1.5oz is 183 calories. Pure ethanol is 238.21 calories per 1.5oz.
0.755 (ABV) x 238.21 (cals pure ethanol) / 183 (cals Bacardi 151) = 98.28% calories from alcohol.

Question: How did you determine the amount of calories in pure ethanol?
Answer: There are 7.1 calories per gram of ethanol https://annals.org/article.aspx?articleid=691502
First convert grams to ounces by a 28.3495 multiplier https://www.metric-conversions.org/weight/ounces-to-grams.htm
Next factor in the density of ethanol 0.789 g/cm3 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ethanol
7.1 x 28.3495 x 0.789 = 158.81 calories per ounce of pure ethanol


Question: How is the price calculated on getdrunknotbroke.com?
Answer: Let’s use the 80 proof Vodka example:

– $9.99 for 1.75 liter (price taken from national grocery store chain)
– 1.75 liter = 59.17 ounces
– 59.17 x 40% (alcohol content) = 23.67 ounces pure alcohol
– $9.99 / 23.67 oz = $0.422 per ounce of pure alcohol

Question: Your calorie information does not match what I find on some popular websites that list calorie information. Why is that?
Answer: Mostly because these sites are inaccurate! Whenever possible GDNF contacts the manufacturer directly to get the calorie and ABV information to ensure accuracy. If you have any questions on the accuracy of our data please use the “Contact Us” form and we will respond as soon as we can.

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