Strategies for Low Carb Drinking

If you’re on a fat loss diet plan, chances are you already know that one of the main strategies you should likely be using is reducing back on the total carbohydrates that you consume.

As carbohydrates are the primary energy source for the body, by reducing back, you force your body to find an alternate source of fuel – in this case, your body fat.

Now, one place where you may be overlooking the carbs you’re taking in is with any alcoholic beverages that you consume.

Most people just think about the amount of alcohol they are taking in, without paying sufficient attention to the carbohydrates their drinks are providing.

Let’s go over a few of the key carb-containing drinks that you need to be sure to avoid.


First, be extra careful about coolers. While you can find some lighter, lower calorie ones available, for the most part, these contain three primary ingredients: alcohol, water, and sugar.

The double hit of alcohol and sugar is basically as bad as it gets because as you consume all the sugar, you’ll spike your insulin levels, which puts your body in fat storage mode. Couple this with the fact that alcohol will put all breaks on any fat burning taking place and you are basically storing body fat instantly.

If you happen to eat any food while all this is going on, it’s bad news for your weight loss efforts.

Slushy Cocktails

The next carb-laden alcohol beverage to avoid are slushy cocktails. Once again, these contain far too much sugar to be part of any diet plan due to the drink mixers used.

Most of these cocktails also are delivered in an oversized glass, which can easily have you taking in upwards of 300-400 calories.

Creamy Liquors

Be on the lookout for those creamy liquors you may love so much as well. While there’s no question that they taste great, whether taken as shots or combined with milk, cream, or coffee, the calories in these liquors will add up quickly as will the carbs.

The main ingredients found in these are typically the alcohol, cream, and sugar, along with a small dose of extract flavoring, so as you can imagine, these are not ideal for your diet.

If you happen to mix them with something other than coffee or cream, you’ll also be taking in carbs from that mixer as well, so it’s double-trouble when you go this route.

Soda Mixers

Finally, if you think you’re being ‘good’ by choosing to go with a clear liquor, which won’t contain carbs at all, but then go off mixing it with regular coke or some other soda, you’re virtually negating the benefits of your selection.

Remember that soda is one of the leading causes of obesity right now, so it’s clearly not a suitable mixer to be using.

So keep these beverages out of your drinking line-up for smarter low carb drinking practices and weight loss success.

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