Low-Cal Cocktail Hour

Written by Bryan Schats, originally posted on University Park Village

alcoholic drinks

No cocktails are “fitness-friendly” per se. Fine. But some are better than others. With summer just around the corner – not to mention celebrations like Memorial Day – boozy temptations will soon be many. Here’s how to imbibe without feeling (too) guilty.

According to a handy chart from “Get Drunk, Not Fat,” which stacks up alcoholic drinks according to their caloric content, drinks that get an A+ include Everclear, Jose Cuervo Gold, Gordon’s dry gin, and Knob Creek bourbon. Of course, those beverages consumed “clean” require a special kind of drinker.

For some tastier options that still rank in the “healthy” category, try strawberry citrus vodkas (strawberries, mint, agave nectar, vodka and lemon), Mojitos (mint, lime, soda water, rum, and ask for half the normal amount of simple syrup, or even Stevia® syrup), or a tequila and soda with a squeeze of 1/2 a lime as a margarita alternative. It’s simple, low-carb and still just as refreshing.

Another option is to drink less. But good news: you can maintain a buzz – with less alcohol – if you take advantage of information provided by two recent scientific studies. One found that alcohol mixed with carbonated water increases the rate of alcohol absorption. The other showed that artificially sweetened mixers (like diet soda) also increase the rate of alcohol absorption when compared to their non-diet counterparts (like regular Coke). Less booze + equal or better buzz = a healthy(ish) way to drink. Stick to these tips and you can, as the website above states, “get drunk, not fat.”

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