Hard Cider Calories

Cider or is a fermented alcoholic beverage made most commonly from apple juice, but also the juice of peaches or other fruit. Cider varies in alcohol content from 2% ABV to 8.5% or more in traditional English ciders. Below is a list of some of our favorites:


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  • Cripin Natural Hard Apple Cider – 6.9% ABV and 140 calories per 12 oz
  • Bulmers Light Irish Cider – 4.5% ABV and 99 calories per 12 oz
  • Magners Iris Cider – 4.5% ABV and 125 calories per 12 oz
  • Strongbow Cider – 5.0% ABV and 140 calories per 12 oz
  • Wyder’s Pear Cider – 4.0% ABV and 140 calories per 12 oz
  • Horsby’s Hard Cider – 5.5% ABV and 200 calories per 12 oz

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  • Smatt

    I believe the Crispin info is incorrect: http://www.crispincider.com/products/the-classic-blue-line/crispin-original/
    The Crispin Original is 150 calories, 5% ABV according to their site and the bottle I’m drinking 🙂 There are a few different varieties, but it seems as though this site is referring to the original. Since the calorie count is higher and the ABV is lower, i’m afraid the rating is probably much lower than an A.

  • StarBeck

    I’m sad Jack’s cider isn’t on there. It is 100 calories per 12oz @ 5%.

    • Kim Kurzhals

      I am on the lookout for Jack’s, Michelob Ultra Light Cider has been discontinued 🙁

  • Crystal Moran

    I highly recommend Ace Joker cider. Only 3 g of sugar and 6.5% alcohol

    • Cationic

      This is my cider of choice. 🙂

  • MB

    new cider to the scene..Badass Hard Cider from NY!!! Apple and Pear with only 9g of sugar, 12g of carbs, 150 cal per 12 oz, and 5.5% abv!!!!

  • Kim Kurzhals

    I have a Magners in hand and it says 150 calories not 125