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The chart shows beers, wines and alcoholic beverages sorted by their cost of pure 1oz of alcohol.
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Get Drunk Not Broke

Beer, Wine and Alcohol Calorie and Carb Database

The GDNF database contains the calorie and carb content for all the major brands and types of beer, wine and alcoholic beverages. To find the lowest calorie drinks sort by the calorie header. The chart shows the cheapest drinks with the most alcohol! Maximize your buzz – while minimizing your caloric intake – by choosing beverages with the highest ratio of alcohol to calories. You can also search and sort the chart by beverage type –e.g. beer, wine, etc. or by you favorite brand. To find out which beer has the lowest calories type beer. For the lowest calorie wine type wine. For the lowest calorie hard alcohol type hard. If you are interested in the lowest carb wine, search for wine and sort by the carb column.

Pure alcohol is very high in calories. For instance Everclear has 226 calories per 1.5 oz and is 190 proof (95%) alcohol, the rest basically is water. Calories vary from drink to drink but they key to getting the most bang for your buck is picking drinks with the best Calorie from Alcohol ratio. Here are some examples.

Natural Ice has 5.9% alcohol and 130 calories per 12 ounce. Using the formula on our FAQ page we determine that 86% of Natty Ice’s calories are from the actual alcohol and the remaining 14% are from carbs and protein. This is a very good ratio, the best of any beer out there. Now on the other end of the spectrum is something like Sam Adams Chocolate Bock which has 5.5% alcohol and 230 calories per 12 ounce! In this case only 45% of the calories are from the alcohol and 55% are from sugars, carbs, and protein. Definitely not the best way to get a buzz if you are watching your waste!

If you are looking strictly for the most efficient way to get drunk you should stick with shots or hard alcohol mixed with a diet drink. Jack and Diet Coke for instance is only 195 calories per 12 ounce but 10% alcohol (3oz Jack to 9oz Diet Coke) and you get a whopping 98% of the calories from the pure alcohol.

Of the big three Light Beers (Bud Light, Coors Light, and Miller Lite) Miller Lite scores the best with 83.38% of calories from alcohol. I personally prefer Budweiser Select if forced to pick from tasteless light beers and it scores a very close 82.77% Learn More

  • Mark Johnson

    Ahh perfect! exactly what i was looking for! thanks!

  • chet

    I love the concept of this website but the “chart” to which you keep referring is not showing up for me.

    • David Linebarger

      I’m using firefox and windows 8 and I can see it.

  • Johnny

    Taaka vodka
    $12.95 (including SC/USA sales/liquor tax)
    40%/80 proof, 1/2 gallon/1.75 liters

  • Sam Seller

    Where does Milwakee’s Best fit on this table?

  • Nathan

    Can anyone who comes to this site claim to not be an alcoholic? I can’t. My preference is the red wine, mainly Carlo Rossi Burgundy and Cabernet Sauvignon.

    • David Linebarger

      I am definitely not an alcoholic. Though I do drink quite a bit when I am not in College. But when in College I hardly drink at all. I try to save time and loose weight which is why I am here.

    • Frank Zapata

      In my older age I am trying to cut it down to one or two episodes a year. My poison of choice is 120 proof Rare Breed which is the hardcore version of Wild Turkey. Usually buy two bottles. I drink one on Saturday and then I feel so bad on Sunday I have to drink the second to get my head straight. After that I am good for a year or two sometimes longer…………

  • Bob Roberts

    This chart sucks.

  • I want an app that I put the price, the amount and the percent alcohol and it gives me the price per oz of alcohol.

  • I don’t know why liters of alcohol are calculated here by “Price per 1 oz”. Couldn’t find anyone do do it for me so I did it myself. Please check my work. Bowman’s is 1.75 L times 40% or .7 L of alcohol. At $10 a bottle that is .4 L per dollar. SOOOOO, that means 5L of Franzia at 13% (.65) for $10 is a little less alcohol per liter but, who can buy 13% Franzia 5L for $10?

  • Steve

    Hi Lush Friends
    Evan Williams Black for about $9 a 750ml – 80 proof similar to Jack Daniels Black.
    Holidays seen it go below $8 and is in a glass bottle.
    Drink up folks.

  • Infinity2015

    Baloney! You don’t know what you’re talking about? Wine ($10) is the cheapest alcohol to get drunk on compared to beers or an expensive spirit bottle?

    • Brandon

      ??Oh????Yeah????? You??Don?T??Know???What??You??reTalk?ing?About??

  • ReallyReallyBigMan

    The Four Loko calculation is off. It’s 86 cents per ounce of alcohol.