Fast Tips To Avoid Fat Gain When Drinking

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Going out for a night with your friends? If it’s been a long week and you feel like a few drinks are in order to help you wind down and relax, you need to still make sure that you are preparing for the night out if you want to avoid fat gain.

It makes no sense to put in all the hard work and effort at your fat loss plan throughout the work-week only to have any results you have made completely abolished because you choose to indulge in a few un-wise alcoholic beverages.

In some cases though, it’s not even the alcoholic beverages that does the damage, but rather the activities leading up to the drinking as well as what you’re doing while you are drinking.

Let’s go over a few of the key tips that you should remember to help ensure you don’t experience drinking weight gain.

Go For Protein And Greens That Day

The first thing to do to help you prepare for the night out is to choose to eat primarily lean proteins and vegetables throughout the day. If you can focus your intake on these, you will slash the total number of calories that you do consume, making sure that you leave some wiggle room for the alcohol calories.

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Remember that weight gain, at the end of the day, does come down to your overall calorie balance.

If you plan on drinking while dieting, you need to cut back on other foods you are consuming. These cut backs come best from dietary fats and carbohydrates on the day you plan to indulge.

Stand As You Socialize

Next, one sneaky trick that few people think of is what they are doing while they’re drinking and socializing. If at all possible, try and stand as you socialize. Doing so is going to mean that you not only burn more calories over the course of the night (since standing burns more calories than sitting does), but it also means that you’ll be more aware of how much you are drinking and how large of an impact it’s having on you.

Don’t be one of those people who keeps drinking and then when they finally go to stand up, almost falls over.

Standing the entire night will make you more aware over how much you’re taking in.

Get Some Complex Carbs In The Next Morning

Finally, the morning after when you wake up after your night out, don’t cut back too hard on your diet. You may want to have a slightly lower calorie day, but do your best to still take in some complex carbohydrates in the morning along with some protein.

This will get your metabolism going, which will help you metabolize off any remaining alcohol that may be in your system and help you get right back on track to feeling well.

So keep these three points in mind as you go about dieting and drinking so that you can be sure those occasional nights out you take with your friends don’t impact you in a negative manner.

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