Drinking Trivia

  • Prior to 2009 drunk driving was considered a legal excuse for a car accident in Uraguay
  • A glass of bubbly champagne will get you 21% more intoxicated than a flat one
  • According to one study, a first-time drunk-driving offender has already driven drunk more than 80 times before brainbeing arrested
  • Men conduct three times as many Google searches for “fat women” as “skinny women”
  • 6.3 billion gallons of beer are consumed annually in the US.  New Hampshire comes in first with 43 gallons per person, Utah is last with 19 gallons per person.
  • Most yeasts cannot grow when the concentration of alcohol is higher than about 18% by volume, so that is a practical limit for the strength of fermented beverages such as wine, beer, and sake.
  • In Russia up until 2012 any beverage with less than 10% alcohol was considered a soft drink.  In Soviet Russia, beer drinks you!!
  • A Harvard study found the risk of death from all causes to be 21% to 28% lower among men who drank alcohol moderately, compared with abstainers.

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  • Alcohol reduces the production of a hormone called vasopressin, which normally tells your kidneys to reabsorbwater rather than flush it out through the bladder. This is why once the seal is broken you have to pee so often and why you get dehydrated from drinking.
  • If you’re an average American consumer, 1% of your spending is dedicated to beer, wine and spirits — or about $1 of every $100.  If you are a Get Drunk Not Fat employee that number is more like 50%
  • Check out this interactive map that shows alcohol consumption by country
  • According to a Gallup survey last year, 64% of American adults reported drinking alcohol. The poll indicated that Americans prefer wine and beer almost equally (35% and 36%, respectively) over liquor (23%).
  • The total cost of a teens first DUI in California is $45,435 according to the CA government.
  • The average BAC level of a person convicted of a DUI is 0.16

Ask the questions below to your friends and see who guesses the closest, whoever gets the most right gets a free beer.
Click the question to review the hidden answer.  No cheating by looking up on cell phone!

How many gallons of water are in the ocean

Can you wake up a hibernating bear

What is the peak horepower that has been measured of an actual horse

What blood alcohol level (BAC) is typically considered fatal

More questions coming soon or comment below with your suggestions!
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