Conversation Starters

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  • In order to meet you favorite celebrity would you suck their toe for an hour
  • For a million dollars would you spend the night floating in the middle of the ocean alone
  • How long would you spend in prison for a million dollars, how long for ten thousand
  • How much money would it take for you to shoot a cat
  • Most expensive tab from a drinking night
  • Is sex better for a guy or a girl?  If you don’t know stick your finger in your ear.  Which feels better…
  • What is the worst boss you have ever had?
  • Fact: Oscar Pistorius shot his girlfriend because she said “I wish you had real man legs to f@ck me with”
  • Have you ever been fired
  • Worst hangover you have ever had
  • What is the most unacceptable fetish
  • Have you ever sh@t your pants
  • Out of all of your friends who would make the best president.  Who would make the worst.
  • Most awkward car ride you have ever had
  • What show is better, Friends or Seinfeld
  • Is it ever OK for a single guy to own a cat
  • Do you have any naked digital pictures that you can’t find

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  • Does anything beat a California burrito for 2AM drunk food?
  • Which celebrity has the best tits
  • What is the best Family Guy episode
  • Closest you have ever been to being arrested
  • Most money you have ever spent at a restaurant
  • Longest you have ever stayed up without sleeping

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