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  • Huggy Bear

    How do we get the sick wet cat to not be the first comment we see? Does she think she’s visiting a porn site…plus, there’s never any calories or buzz from beer when it’s up your ass, instead of in your tummy. So does the cat even drink alkihal, or just shove it up her butt??? What a waste of good brew…

    • Onyx

      TBH*, if you bypass the stomach, the small intestine, and the large intestinal tract then alcohol can absorbed directly into the bloodstream via the colon/sigmoid region. Because no filtration or digest (breakdown) occurs, it often results in severe alcohol poisoning if inserted into the anus. The liver is overloaded by the time the substance takes action.
      While we are all ‘adults’, I don’t intend to sound condescending…I guess I felt the need to seriously heed warning to anyone thinking about engaging is such a thing. Sorry to all “science-y” on everyone, but while perverse in his/her statement, ’tis true that you can VERRRRY drunk using an “alcohol-based enema” or butt-chugging as it is so eloquently referred. Nonetheless, it is nothing less than extremely dangerous and beyond harmful to the body, even in small doses/amounts.
      *TBH: To Be Honest (to be frank and upfront)

  • Check out COCO Cocktail – COCO Mango. per 12oz serving – 130 calories, 7g carbs, 291mg Potassium, 75mg Sodium, 16mg Magnesium, 26% RDA of Vit A, 25% RDA of Vit E, 27% RDA of Vit D, 35% of RDA Vit C, 25% RDA of Vit B1 and 27% RDA of vit B6. 5.5% ABV. RTD Malt Beverage made with only All Natural and/or Organic Ingredients. 70% of each can is All Natural Coconut Water and the only alcoholic beverage to utilize Organic GrandFusion and All Natural African Mango Seed Extract 5:1. Carbonated to drink straight or use as a mixer with your favorite spirit.