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We love to hear about how you are getting drunk and not fat! Submit your comments to the Get Drunk Not Fat (GDNF) Blog below:

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  • Great site!

  • Behemoth_dog

    I just started a diet/workout routine, and I can now only drink 1 day of the week.
    I can now maximize my buzz and still keep under my allotted calorie intake. Thank you so much!!

  • Steven

    Love your guys iPhone app

  • D P Peoples

    Loved the post DrinkinPeople

  • BigPoppa

    Thank you for this site! It was pretty surprising and now I can do better planning at the bars. Cheers!

  • Patrick Diesman

    Milwaukee’s best has “6.9% Alc/Vol” printed on the can. Should your list be updated? Also: does a rating of over 6% result in a reclassification as the drink as a malt liquor and NOT a beer?

    • Scott Shannon

      I’m far too drunk to care. Cheers!

      • Patrick Diesman