Bud Light Platinum Calories

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Bud Light Platinum is a new 6% alcohol by volume high alcohol light beer from Anheuser Busch.  According to Bud has a bold formula that’s triple filtered with a smooth finish to create its top shelf taste.

Bud Light Platinum calories are 137 per 12 ounce and 4.4 carbs.budplat

Tell us what you think of this new beer in the comments below.

  • 24/7 drinking

    It’s certainly not the beer for those who like to drink light beers, but it may get you drunk faster , i personally like the new taste.

  • MizzzCat

    I really enjoy the taste; not a bud or coors drinker however I really like this one!

  • Robert Robert Roberts


  • Thresa Brownfield

    It’s a great tasting beer even though it has a lot of calories it taste a lot better than Bud Light I was drinking Budweiser before the original Bud Light came out and I kept waiting for them to put a light beer out and they finally did and regular Bud Light tasted like crap

  • Sean Baby

    To me it tastes kind of like fizzy water that gets you tipsy. Best served ice cold out of the pretty blue water bottle.

  • cathy keeling

    I like it

  • Joan

    After being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes I had to change my beer and this beer is only 4 carbs or so…tastes good and at 6% after 2 I have a nice buzz☝😃

  • Whitney Singer

    Is this beer gluten free??

  • Jcl

    For diabetics who want high abv this is a Godsend. I enjoy many craft IPA’s in my home state of Ohio. Many foodie restaurants and even chains like Longhorn feature local IPA’s from local micro brews and I have enjoyed many of them. But when I drink at home Bud Light Platinum is the best deal in town for abv and low carb count.