Budweiser Black Crown Calories

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Budweiser Black Crown is a new 6% alcohol by volume golden amber lager from Anheuser Busch.  According to Bud it delivers a blackcrownsmooth and distinctive flavor with toasted caramel malt and a variety of American hops.

Black Crown Calories are 165 per 12 ounce and 10.9 carbs.

Tell us what you think of this new beer in the comments below.

  • Skinny Jim

    It really gets me drunk on just 6 beers and then I pass out before eating anything.6 times 167 is 1002 calories.Works better than the Dolly Pardon diet.

  • Chuck

    I have been a beer drinker for 50 years and I believe Black Crown is one of my all time favorite beers. Congratulations to Budweiser for a great new beer.

    • Travis Peffer


    • OnyxSaber

      Agreed, Chuck. I’m a bit picky when it comes to beer. Once I began to develop a drier palate, I lost my taste for the typical light weight domestic beers and the plethora of mediocre choices available these days. However, I don’t really prefer anything that is too bitter or ‘hoppy’. That being said, I was very pleasantly surprised to discover the high quality, crisp, yet, full bodied, light lager taste of Budweiser’s Black Crown. Thumbs up here!

  • TD

    Pretty tasty and gets you drunk, but I only get it if its on sale.

  • Steve228

    Outstanding beer. Great taste and not too heavy on the carbs and calories.

  • Carol Baker

    The beer has great flavor with satisfying taste and after one or maybe two, it is all you need for the evening.

  • Joemg51

    I have been a beer drinker for almost 50 years and Black Crown is now one of my favorite brews! Sam Adams is now getting a run for their money!

  • Jill LP Mosely

    Truthfully Speaking, I Do Not Like Beer. Over the July 04th. Holiday, I wanted a Good Beer to marinate my meat in before hitting the BBQ Grill. I tried this 4/pack and found when I tasted it, hummmm I just could not Believe How Much I Enjoyed Bud Crown Black.
    Also, I tried the Miller Crown Black and Amazingly, I’m Hooked. Something New to add to my Bar Favs. Ummm Delish. Basically, I am an Advid Brandy, Congnac,
    Vodka, Taquela Scotch and Gin Drinker. I Love Top Shelf Drinks & Foods.
    Anything I Eat or Drink most Definitely has to be The Best, Fresh Quality.

    • Your mother

      Your vagina is top shelf, and the booze that flows from it is much like a majestic waterfall of female. EJACULATE,

      Your alcoholic brain is bottom shelf, which is where I unload my ungodly amount of ummmm… UNGODLY SEMEN.

      Best wishes, hope you die before you regret your life. Cheers, we’re all dust, and we all hate you and we’re all inside your vagina because it is so large.

  • Bill C

    I discovered BUD Blk Crn in Fla.. and now enjoying it in Pa. I wish I could find it on tap.

  • Dusty

    Exceptional flavor from the caramel malts has this lager tasting like crisp, clean brown ale with a hint of sweetness without any lingering bad aftertaste. Truly my favorite beer now.

  • Patrick

    Discovered Bud Black Crown when Henry’s quit making their lager. Great beer, my beer of choice! Only 10 carbs!

  • Mr. Dave Duenas

    This is Now, the one and only beer for Me, after 2 I have beers, i have nice relax buzz…it goes perfect with steak dinner…Thank You !!

  • Justin Brady

    I’m a craft beer guy, but I’ve got to hand out a compliment to this product. I actually really enjoy it, not to mention the calorie count is far better than the IPA beers I usually drink. I’m a fan

  • rachan

    I love this beer…it’s my absolute favorite…when I go to a store & they don’t have it..I will go to another store..when I have friends over…this is the beer I specifically tell them to get…

  • JohnnyOnTheSpot

    Man….. Were can i get me a 24 of this In Texas

  • Dennis

    Best domestic beer out there! I like Irish full bodied beer that are kind of expensive but since I came across black crown I’m done with Irish, mostly because is price. Black Crown is one awesome beer. Kudos Budweiser!