Budweiser Black Crown Calories

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Budweiser Black Crown is a new 6% alcohol by volume golden amber lager from Anheuser Busch.  According to Bud it delivers a blackcrownsmooth and distinctive flavor with toasted caramel malt and a variety of American hops.

Black Crown Calories are 165 per 12 ounce and 10.9 carbs.

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4 Comments on “Budweiser Black Crown Calories
  1. It really gets me drunk on just 6 beers and then I pass out before eating anything.6 times 167 is 1002 calories.Works better than the Dolly Pardon diet.

  2. I have been a beer drinker for 50 years and I believe Black Crown is one of my all time favorite beers. Congratulations to Budweiser for a great new beer.

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