Beck’s Sapphire Calories

According to Beck’s website, Beck’s Sapphire is a new 6% alcohol by volume pilsner brewed with rare German Sapphire (Saphir) hops for a distinctively smooth taste. Beck’s Sapphire represents a new standard for beer.

To serve this uniquely smooth pilsner, their engineers spent over two years developing an exclusive, sleek black glass bottle. This bottle not only protects the beer from light better than common brown bottles, it also provides a distinguishing image for Beck’s Sapphire.

As with all Beck’s beers, Beck’s Sapphire is brewed according to the German Purity Law of 1516 and uses only four natural ingredients.

Becks’ Sapphire Calories are 162 per 12oz with 8.9 carbs

Tell us what you think of this new beer in the comments below.

  • Monika

    This beer is The Bomb! Nothing else will do since I tasted this latest offering from Beck’s.

  • Spud

    Excellent brew and it’s a lager to boot!!

  • Candlemaven

    As good as the microbrew I had in Leipzig. I’ll drink no other beer now!

  • bedbuni

    love the sapphire beer!!!!!

  • Maribeth Topalanchik

    just bought my first six pack. i like it … i am a pilsner fan and for the $ this is a good choice!