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  • My Opinion

    “We are just trying to get our name and brand out there” So please tell me then what is your name and brand I still haven’t figure that out yet.

  • Matt_Sweeney

    “Hey, we desperately need names and addresses so we can sell them to advertisers. Can you help us out?”

    • Ellie Ford

      Sure. Is this how I make $10.00? Count me in. What do I need to do?

  • Joe Crime

    I think its a great idea. I’m sending for some

  • Kitten Does Bite

    Sexist a$$h0le attitudes…how about some hot, descent real MEN for a change! Not the usual nasty fat, paunchy, sloppy drunk boy wanna-be’s insulting girls and treating them like something disposable to jack off inside of! The gene pool is so shallow now, this is why girls have to get pass out drunk….to lower their standards enough to tolerate some pig rutting on them.

    • Peter Marsh

      So you are talking from experiance? So it seems to happen a lot to you where you passout drunk have sex , then claim it is someone else s fault, even thougth it happens 3 times a week for you.?

    • Franklin Guy

      Your extreme ignorance is shown in your uneducated comment.

  • Brian B.

    Kitten, you are absolutely right. How about we get naked and discuss this further?

    • Sorry, Kitten has standards.

    • disqus_CaMaL8KPTD

      I bet your wife would love that. Literally. She would LOVE that you talk to women sexually behind her back, while she is infirmed. You must be poor as hell to not fear divorce on the grounds of infidelity like that.

  • Lynn Martin Samuels

    Tryin to get sticker,

  • Monty Eugene Brannigan

    I will definitely plaster a sticker in a bar send 50 and ill hit every bar I can

  • “If there are hot chicks or other things that amuse us”?????
    Women are THINGS to your company? Wow, good luck becoming profitable with that dehumanizing attitude. I hope your low-cal-whatever-it-is does well in the male-only market. Well, the males-who-think-of-women-as-things market.

    • Colonel Duke LaCrosse

      You’re painfully stupid.

    • Franklin Guy

      I agree with the other guy, you’re extremely stupid. Someone is trying to advertise and you take offense to it. Bet you’re loads of fun in the bedroom if you could even get Helen Keller to sleep with you.

      • Of course you agree with the sockpuppet other guy. It just proves you’re an idiot, and I didn’t have to do a darn thing.

        Men are such provably stupid “things”, you know.

        • William Harbison

          Women are like cars yeah the interior smells good at first, the rear end is tight and the front end has no chips. But then after some miles the leather gets worn out and it doesn’t have that new car smell, the front end is all chipped up and the rear end starts clanking​.. sometimes you shut it off yet it keeps on running leaving you wishing it would just shut up.. Sure you could put some money into it and fix it up..But more often than not it’s just easier to trade it in for a newer shinier model with less miles one that really responds when you get on it and throttle it that still has that new car smell..
          Yep I sure like newer cars…. oops I mean girls..

    • Dave Parrish

      Good luck being a human with your incredibly oversensitive bullshit.

      • Hey, when you belong to the gender that routinely and thoughtlessly gets called “things”, get back to me. Until then, sorry you are ignorant over the matter.

        *Totally* cool sockpuppet account you just created though.

        • Josh

          You just said, in your own words, that you “belong to (a) gender.”
          Choose your words carefully when you’re arguing that women aren’t “things”

          • ^^^SOCKPUPPET^^^ = meaningless comment.

            Thank you for proving this.

          • Junichi Ro

            Can’t tell if you’re trolling or a child.

            Oh, based on your other comments, you are. And a bad one at that. Your trolling sucks and you should feel bad.

          • Hmm, your profile has all of five comments, well four if I’m not counting the one where you can’t figure out if I’m one thing that I’m not or a different thing I’m not.

            Clearly you’re just one of those sad souls that resorts to pointless name calling and unsubstantiated arguments. That’s why I am not the one who’s got any reason to feel bad in this exchange.

        • disqus_CaMaL8KPTD

          Plus he’s telling women “good luck being human”, like women are not only THINGS, but also sub-human. SMFH

  • disqus_SeAvQIPcpF

    I own two bars and would totally let someone put a sticker on my walls if they were getting paid for it. Then I’d take the stickers down immediately before anyone saw it funking up my bar. And I’d expect payment from the patron doing this.
    It’s not like anyone believes you’re going to pay up on this, and “Joe Crime” created a Disqus account JUST to come here and say what a great idea this is? HAHAHA, YEAH, RIGHT.

  • Manpreet Singh

    How come it takes FOREVER to load ??
    whats the dillio ??

  • chris johnson

    beer has been helping fat people get laid for years now. you can drink a ugly girl pretty but you cant drink a fat girl thin.

  • mizemiz


  • Dave Parrish

    That doesn’t even make sense. Your comment is bad and you should feel bad.

    • Hey, at least no matter how bad I ever feel, I can always cheer myself up by knowing I’m better than you.

      • Dave Parrish


  • That one person…

    And what in the hell is wrong with being a cocksucker? Are you trying to gay shame now? Typical.

    • Everything is wrong with being a cocksucker. That is why I used it the way I did in a sentence.

      Do not conflate “cocksucker” with person who enjoys fellatio, mind you. Unless you’re a piece of shit who creates screen names to hide behind rather than use your own Disqus account. Then you can pretty much think or do anything, as you’re quite evidently not an adult.

      • Junichi Ro

        Nice to see your fallacious bullshit is preserved for eternity. I hope you’ve grown into a mature adult since this interaction. If you’re as smart as you think you are, you’d delete these old messages so you don’t look like an idiot.

    • ♫♫♫♫♫

      more straights suck dikk than gays do so I gotta wonder where you were trying to go with that?
      do you think she was straight shaming?

  • Tomspy77

    You know, I agreed with you till you just labeled my gender as mass shooters…

  • Tomspy77

    I would say it is a bit deeper than a failure to ‘score’ with the opposite sex. It is the feeling that you are out of place, unwanted by billions of fellow humans and yes indeed, the implication that you are not a real man in our toxic straight male culture.

    Also true most mass shooters are indeed white males…

  • Tomspy77

    Obviously I am one of those guys that is just not socially viable, plus I have no family and at the moment not one real friend.

    Funny you say ‘eat well, be well,’ because a lack of social interactions, including ones that are romantic or indeed sexual, are just as basic human needs as eating, sleeping or shelter.

    In the same manner that an elderly person who is starving might resort to shoplifting once need outweighs rational thought and principle, same goes for males (and indeed females can be this way as well, except fair play you hardly ever see them grab a few rifles and a glock and take out a mini mall) that are in the position of not being accepted socially.

    Does it excuse some twit on Tinder (god, I hate that place, wanna wreck your self esteem, use Tinder) from flipping out on some random woman after rejection?


    Does it mean that the now infamous ‘nice guy’ behavior should result in free sex and love for all that have been left out?

    Of course not.

    However, much like drug addiction imo is mistreated by arresting and punishing some of the addicts (and I mean the ones who just do the drugs, not the ones who commit crimes to do them, but they too need treatment), rather than solving the disease itself, it seems as we drift into this age where loneliness seems rampant in a tech connected world and many lines have been drawn in the sand about numerous gender and social issues, esp between potential sexual and romantic partners, I don’t get how making fun of or indeed kinda generalizing things will solve the issues.

    I have never thought of women as trophies but always fall into the friend zone thing, which is a tricky one. It does not exist because as soon as you say your only interest in a woman (or man) is to get sex or have some deep thing is kinda bull to the other party: “Oh, I cannot see or touch your genitals? Oh, no, we cannot be friends and all the good things you saw in our friendship will be stripped away.”

    I can see how that would make a person hurt and feel their value is just as some prize or object…sucks…ouch.

    On the other hand sometimes I think I have hurt myself more by staying friends with ppl I loved or lusted after (and I’m a classic meme. I don’t want sex without feelings but god I want it anyway, even though the former means I can’t have the latter.). It hurts too to see and hear the person you adore date others, complain to you about how terrible guys are while in your head you think ‘I’d not do that to you/But I am this guy you say you want’ or god forbid, have to watch them flirt or kiss someone.

    That too really hurts and sucks.

    Now enter all these stupid ‘male groups’ which instead of focusing on real inequality grab these poor guys like E. Rodgers and fill their mind with gunk.

    Lift bro, peacock and manipulate to get sex, use women like kleenex, be ‘alpha’….god, it has screwed men up.

    A guy who should be in jail named Roosh V is a good example of this toxic crap.

    Then you have ‘Forever Alone’ groups, which are just like a waste dump of the same negative self talk we already have. I was indeed reading these for a bit as yes it felt good not to be the only one but after awhile I had to step back because it was doing more harm than good.

    It was like sitting in a toxic waste dump of negativity, which anyone from any gender already does when they feel unwanted or unloved.

    Also, men suffer from the same kind of pressure from inside straight male culture. One friend asked if I was gay as I did not chase women like a horny rabbit.

    Not that gay ppl bother me, quite the opposite. But when you’re not gay and someone asks that, you ask yourself what the hell do women think then? Why does my buddy not see me as his equal? Why am I the odd one because I don’t want to jump the bones of every girl I meet, and if I do I need an emotional connection?

    Thing is, that makes guys like me feel less too.

    In this day and age where we have started to really look at levels and aspects of gender and various forms of sexuality, the more sensitive straight man has been left at the altar, stuck between outdated beliefs about how a ‘man’ should be and the new world being spun around them.

    As a result, even though there is no excuse for it, weird, entitled, inappropriate and just plain creepy behavior ensues. imo anyway.

    And there is the hardest pill to swallow…some of those guys, before the warped sense of the world took over from starvation and hardship, were some decent human beings. Not all of course, but some.

    Sorry for long reply, I swear I have dwelled on this subject for nearly 40 years and I have a book in me on it lol.

    • Tomspy77

      By the way, is it me or this page has tons of fake accounts, including ones pretending to be enraged women?