A Handy Chart For Waistline-Conscious Drinking

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This post was written by Shep McAllister on  6/16/11

Originally posted by: HackCollege

We’ve already discussed the all-important topic of getting drunk on the cheap, but what if you’re more concerned about your waistline than your wallet? Lucky for us, Get Drunk Not Fat has compiled an exhaustive list of beers, liquors, and wines and arranged them by their calorie-to-alcohol ratio.

As you’d expect, the harder alcohols rank among the least-fattening, with Everclear placing second behind only pure ethanol. Among beers that you’d expect to find in the typical frat party keg, Natty Ice is going to be your best bet, with a ratio comparable to many hard liquors. If you opt for Mike’s Hard Lemonade instead, you’ll be taking in more than double the calories per ounce of alcohol.

There are well over 100 different beverages listed on the site, and you can submit your own favorite if you want it added to the list. Happy drinking!

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